Google Has Changed its Meta Description Snippet

Google’s meta description snippets have always been a bit of an arcane art. Prior to a few weeks ago, the character limit for a meta description was 165 characters, more or less. Sometimes Google would waive the limit a bit in one direction or the other, to allow

Back To The Story – Content Ideas

Back to the Story. Keeping the tap on fresh content ideas flowing. Even the best agencies from time to time struggle to develop new and engaging content ideas. After all, the first few layers of creativity are easily exhausted over a few years when you are generating

Brantford Vibrant City – Brantford Business

On my second adventure to talk with business owners in downtown Brantford, I decided to go to the other side of the tracks, from Clarence to Murray.  Although ‘downtown’ only extends as far as Alfred street, the next few blocks certainly feel welcome in the neighbourhood and

Firefox Update

Firefox Update at 2:32pm PST / 5:32pm EST: Firefox released a fix for this a few minutes ago. Update to Firefox 50.0.2 now to patch this vulnerability. Tor have also released a fix with version 6.0.7 of their browser. There is also a Thunderbird fix out, version

Business 5 Musts in 2017

5 Business Musts for 2017 I recently attended a trade show just outside Toronto.  It was bustling with small and medium sized companies displaying their products and offering incentives on their services.  It seemed everyone there was selling.  Not just the vendors that paid four hundred dollars

Work To Success – Fact or Illusion

You may have witnessed this or you may recognize this in yourself. You started a business and managed to keep it balanced. Although you worked a bit longer at the beginning, you were still able to stop work and focus on your relationship, yourself or your family.

Downtown Brantford Flourishes

Brantford Downtown: The place to be for Opportunity Born, raised and schooled here, I have developed a special relationship with Brantford. I was excited when my boss asked me to go into the heart of Brantford, the downtown core, and ask some of the local business owners

Start-Up Tips – Successful Entrepreneurs

Nothing beats the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs when they first start their business.  Over the past few months, I have been blessed to meet people, young and old that have recently started their businesses.  You can almost spot them a mile away.  The laser sharp eye contact, the