Social Media By The Numbers

Have you ever wondered about how Canadian's use social media?  Or, how Facebook can benefit your business?  Well, you are not alone, and the results are just plain exciting.  Below are some statistics from DigitalReportal's 2019 Stats. 33.84 million internet users in Canada 25 million social media

Why You Should Visit Hamilton This Summer!

Depending on where you are or whom you speak with, if you ask, “What is Hamilton Ontario like?” You are likely to get an assortment of replies.  A 2019 population estimate of is at 544,984 people.  The city has seen consistent business growth with over 1,600 new

Ecommerce Website Design – Testimonial

Testimonial: Ecommerce Website Design If you are reading this right now you already have a business idea, or a business already and you are trying to make your mark in the world.  You are excited, a bit scared but hopeful that you will reach your goals in

Contest Marketing

It is not hard to feel the excitement building as we near the launch of an upcoming contest.  It seems like months of work to prepare but it hasn’t been that long since we met with our client at Trip’s Auto in Brantford to flesh out the concept.

The I Named My Car contest had barely concluded with winner Kinga Zak winning a full experience at the International Auto Show in Toronto when we looked at the numbers.  That contest was a winner, not just for a bounce in auto sales, but also a social media win with the page reach increase over 200%.

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Know Your Niche

Recently I made changes to my own niche.  Partly because I realized it wasn’t exactly a niche.  I have been doing coaching & consulting for businesses for some time now, and with wonderful success.  I gauge that success by the number of clients I work with, and more importantly, by the connection I feel with the clients who come to me.  However, sometimes I would get unusual one off type clients and wonder why me.  The “Real Reason” and the “Surface Reason” people think they are motivated to do something is rarely the same.  It’s funny because the moment it all made sense to me was after a phone conference with my own marketing agency.

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content marketing

Content Is The Message

Creating and deploying clean content, like social media ads can greatly increase the number of new visitors to your website.  This can be done on its own or as part of a larger campaign, especially in conjunction with a paid Facebook campaign.  When planned properly, you can count on better results using attractive visual ads to delight and attract the viewer.

When we concept and create content for a customers specific requirements, we also offer options for social engagement.  And we love photography and video.

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vegetarian food fair

I was happy when it was hinted at that we could be involved in the 2018 Vegetarian Food Fair in Hamilton.  I had attended the 2017, 20th Anniversary event last August and was surprised I had never heard of it.  It had attracted nearly a thousand people then and the organizers are hoping for a bigger event this year.

The Vegetarian Food fair is organized and managed by the Hamilton Mountain Seventh-day Adventist Church and the event will be held again in the church parking lot at 284 Concession Street.

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