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Call Time

It never gets old.  That early morning call time, heading to the location to set up.

It seems like only yesterday when we met for our production meeting, going through the setup for each video.  Each component bringing their expertise to the project.  Then the finalized script was delivered and today was set as the date.

It never gets old.  The excitement and anticipation of getting on set.  Almost seems like it takes forever to get that coffee and drive across town.

When I arrived, camera and sound techs were already on site.  There is something wonderful about transforming a space into a set.  A bare room explodes with activity as lights, camera and  props are placed and I see it.  It is as I wrote it, before my very eyes.

We are producing nine videos for a client and like every project, I feel deeply connected.

Then at the first talent call time, they arrive, one-by-one at first, then by families.  Today we are to have 15 kids, 4 teachers and 2 parents.  We have set up a class, workshop set.  For a few minutes as setup was completing, I listened to the sounds of the set.  It never gets old.

Ivan Sutton is the Creative Director at MiAgency Inc., located in Hamilton, Ontario. Over the past sixteen years Ivan has led creative and strategic teams working in physical and digital marketing in Alberta and Ontario serving customers across the USA ad Canada. His overarching philosophy: to make beautifully simple work helping businesses tell their stores and achieve their strategic goals. I provide creative direction for the agency's digital products and user interfaces. I work with senior clients to develop creative solutions to their business issues. I work also with my creative team to develop creative processes. I provide hands-on UI visual design. Lastly, I explore new technology that can enable our customers to deliver their message to the marketplace more effectively and with better return.