They said it would rain all day and it would be quite stormy.  But Paris In The Park went on anyway and the weather for the most part cooperated.  Vanessa at the War Horse Warrior Challenge and her team had set up a mini challenge course for kids at this Paris festival put on by the Kiwanas Club and we had promised to be there to capture images.

I wasn’t sure what to expect as I had never been to or heard of the Paris In The Park Festival.  So off we went.  There were several exhibitors and hundreds of people just over the short hour and a half that we were there.

Looking at the course itself, it seemed to me quite daunting.  There was a balance pole and a climb wall and tires to run through and what seemed like a simulated trench that required you get on the ground and crawl through.  It was fun to watch as several people took up the challenge from very young kids to teenagers.

This was a mini version of the major mud run race happening in September this year in Paris, Ontario.  For information about the War Horse Warrior Challenge or to participate, visit

Could not ask for a better day!