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Back to the Story.
Keeping the tap on fresh content ideas flowing.

Even the best agencies from time to time struggle to develop new and engaging content ideas. After all, the first few layers of creativity are easily exhausted over a few years when you are generating weekly or monthly content.

For a business owner that is trying to develop ideas on their own, it is even more difficult. Usually for small companies, a collaborative team that regularly brainstorm ideas and have the resources to flesh out the best campaigns is just not available outside of hiring an agency.

For most, it is not that there are many ideas based on current industry news or events, or even customer stories and business milestones. For some, it is having a cohesive strategy to build a campaign.

Before I get to the main point, I will say that there are several places to get ideas for content. Here are just a small few:

1. Case studies and customer testimonials
2. Small business forums (Quora, BizWarriors,, yahoo)
3. Online Groups (Facebook, LinkedIn)
4. Slideshare (trust me on this one)
5. Industry videos (Youtube, Metcafe, Vimeo)

When it comes to providing engaging content for your website to share on social media, you cannot forget the basics. Get back to the story. Your story. How did you do it? What did you learn along the way? What can you share with others to help them succeed also? How can you tell your story using the tools available? Remember, you can write articles about your business and why you do it. You can share industry news and how it impacts your business or small business in general. Teach to Reach is my motto.

Your story is important. It shows others that dispite the obstacles, success is possible. Be real and sincere in educating. Avoid thinly veiled attempts to sell. make it aboout the viewer.

Lastly, lets talk about the delivery. You may have something to say about things to do, or things to avoid. You may simply want to share an experience. What is the best way of sharing your thoughts? A written Blog? Through photos or video? Or richer content like an ongoing web series. Whatever it is, remember that the content IS the message. Make it relevant and engaging.

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