Business 5 Musts in 2017

5 Business Musts for 2017 I recently attended a trade show just outside Toronto.  It was bustling with small and medium sized companies displaying their products and offering incentives on their services.  It seemed everyone there was selling.  Not just the vendors that paid four hundred dollars

Better Business Expo Brantford

It was good being back in Brantford for a trade show.  The last show we did here was last year for the Chamber Of Commerce which was a good event.  We have always viewed Brantford as an entrepreneurial city that is coming of age, bust needed a

Work To Success – Fact or Illusion

You may have witnessed this or you may recognize this in yourself. You started a business and managed to keep it balanced. Although you worked a bit longer at the beginning, you were still able to stop work and focus on your relationship, yourself or your family.