Hamilton website design

Hamilton website design

Let’s start the conversation:

Besides the fact that we love website design and have developed over almost 1000 websites over the past 14 years, we pride ourselves in providing all All-In services and deliver these services with superior customer service.

We help determine your:

  1. Outcomes and Objectives:  What are your overall near and long term goals.  How can your new website be a valuable tool to help you achieve them?
  2. Content and Placement planning:  Look at your existing content and rich content options and where they will be placed on your website to best assist in achieving your goals.
  3. Mobile Content Planning:  Realizing that over 50% of internet traffic come from mobile traffic, content planning specific to mobile screens is a vital part of the website design process.
    Wireframe Plan: A visual layout of your website pages and their interactions helps to solidify the desktop and mobile website plan for development.
  4. Website Optimization: Realizing that there is nothing more time and cost effective than properly optimizing while your site is in development, create a keyword plan and map out site optimization.
  5. Development: Your website will be in development.
  6. Post Launch Strategy Consulting:  Clients are pretty excited when they see their website, the look and feel, and see the robust set of tools built into it.  At this stage, we consult on post launch web strategies.
  7. Testing:  A final testing of the website is conducted with the client for approval.
  8. Launch:  Oh! Happy day.  The new website is live to the world-wide web.

website design

Website design and development is a major part of our service.  Our team will plan with you, develop and launch a new and compelling site design that meets your objectives, that has clean navigation and seamless calls-to-action.