website maintenance

hamilton website maintenance

Your online presence requires as much attention and maintenance as your brick and mortar counterpart.  Not just to keep the site fresh with updated content, but what’s happening in the background is very important.  Website maintenance helps:

  • to keep your website loading quickly,
  • to keep regular website and database backups,
  • to update system files and plugins,
  • to keep your website secure,
  • to ensure the best visitor experience,
  • and ultimately improve sales


Let’s Get Started:

Easy Updates

With website maintenance, we aim to remove any limitation that prevents our customers from getting their website content updates and changes when they want them done.  For customers on the Basic or Advanced plans, updates to the website is a simple email away.  Simply email the changes to us and they’ll be implemented within 48 hours – often sooner! And you can use the update service as often as you like for:

  • Updating content on the homepage,
  • adding photo galleries,
  • updating your staff page,
  • updating your contact page,
  • adding a new page and inserting the new content,
  • and adding or updating your event calendar.

Whatever your website update or content edit requirements are, we have you covered and will have your updates completed on-time.