Know Your Niche

Recently I made changes to my own niche.  Partly because I realized it wasn’t exactly a niche.  I have been doing coaching & consulting for businesses for some time now, and with wonderful success.  I gauge that success by the number of clients I work with, and more importantly, by the connection I feel with the clients who come to me.  However, sometimes I would get unusual one off type clients and wonder why me.  The “Real Reason” and the “Surface Reason” people think they are motivated to do something is rarely the same.  It’s funny because the moment it all made sense to me was after a phone conference with my own marketing agency.  Ivan and Theresa are great people.  Warm, friendly and incredibly creative.  They seem to work very well together as a husband and wife team by spelling off of each other’s strengths. They have a team that can handle everything you could possible want a marketing company to do.  I know all of this not just because they are my marketing company but because I have referred them to some of my own clients who now work with them.

So the moment of recognition came while I was reflecting on how I felt immediately after my call.  It was the feeling that all of the work I had ahead of me to fill the seats in my next project had been heavier than I thought and I suddenly felt like I didn’t have to do it alone.  That was a huge moment.  I reflected further.  I am likely a rather unique client and probably create some challenges for their team.  Anyone who knows me will immediately react when I say the all too familiar phrase “So I was thinking….”  *eye rolls everywhere*  Now I have worked with a number of different marketing agencies over the years but it dawned on me that they are especially good at exactly the things that I need them to be.  They are bold and energetic, adaptive, creative and have the ability to switch gears on the fly.    I did not need another template-following, cookie-cutter process or marketing in a box.  I needed someone who would see and hear me and say “Ya! I love it.  I totally get what you’re thinking”

Developing your niche is thinking about exactly who the person is that you have the perfect understanding of, the perfect awareness of their pain and a perfect solution for them, and then putting your business out there so that only those you want the most to work with read it like you are calling to them directly.    If you aren’t connecting with them by pinpointing the exact things that mean something to them and solving their problem in the unique, valuable way that only you can, you risk being invaluable & irrelevant.  That makes you easy to replace.

So do what you do, in the way that only you could do it, for the people who need what you do and make sure they know youre doing it!

Be specific, be picky & be real about your thing. If you don’t tell the world what you do in a specific way, they won’t know what you do!

For anyone who wants to get to know Ivan & Theresa you’re welcome to check out their website from the hyperlink above if you want,  but I urge you to chat with them instead!  You know who you are.