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Ecommerce Website Design – Testimonial

Testimonial: Ecommerce Website Design

If you are reading this right now you already have a business idea, or a business already and you are trying to make your mark in the world.  You are excited, a bit scared but hopeful that you will reach your goals in your niche market.  Like anyone in business, you have a budget, a dream and you are looking for people to guide you and help you achieve your goals.  With you are in good hands!  Ivan and Theresa are extremely confident and professional people.  When they sit across from you at a table all eyes are on you.  They take in what you value and they use their expertise and take it far beyond your expectations.  They answer the phone when you call, set aside their Thanksgiving dinner to attend to your needs.  Their care and attention to detail far exceeded my expectations.

I have an online jewelry store.  Ivan photographed every piece so well that the jewelry jumped off the page when you looked at it.  I have received so many compliments on the ecommerce website design.  When I had a question or I was freaking out over something they met my concerns with great professionalism.  Their knowledge of computers, and especially marketing products gave me a lot of reassurance that my investment was in very capable hands.  I could go on and on about how fortunate I feel in investing my hopes and dreams into Ivan and Theresa. is one great choice you will make in business.


About Looks A Lot Alike

Looks A Lot Alike evolved out of a passion for loving fine jewelry but not having the means to afford it. This led to a personal journey to find fashionable designer inspired pieces that were affordable. The more research done, the more the excitement grew. There were so many styles, choices and colour options that containing excitement was difficult!

Many people are of average means. They loved everything about attractive designer inspired jewelry. Looks A Lot Alike saw an opportunity to fill a need which fueled our desire to search even more affordable gorgeous fashion jewelry.

Suffice it to say that they owe our customers a great big thank you since their vast collection of offerings is largely due to all of them!

Looks A Lot Alike carries a lot of unique, fashionable and quality pieces. They seem to love clever designs. Their collections are works of art. They am always looking for inspired pieces to enhance their already exciting collection.

Ivan Sutton is the Creative Director at MiAgency Inc., located in Hamilton, Ontario. Over the past sixteen years Ivan has led creative and strategic teams working in physical and digital marketing in Alberta and Ontario serving customers across the USA ad Canada. His overarching philosophy: to make beautifully simple work helping businesses tell their stores and achieve their strategic goals. I provide creative direction for the agency's digital products and user interfaces. I work with senior clients to develop creative solutions to their business issues. I work also with my creative team to develop creative processes. I provide hands-on UI visual design. Lastly, I explore new technology that can enable our customers to deliver their message to the marketplace more effectively and with better return.